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combat documentation/production specialist (mos 25v)

Cameras 2019 - Army Photographer Mos, Is there an actual mos for being a photographer? | rallypoint, Is there an actual mos for being a photographer?: i know there is the 25v mos however i'm better behind the camera more than anything (still and motion picture). . i know there is the 25v mos however i'm better behind the camera more than anything (still and motion picture). . yes i was an 84 b still combat photographer army at ft polk and .. Army mos 84b | mosdb, Army still photographer enlisted 84b mos. job detail. takes ground and aerial still photographs. takes ground and aerial still photographs, develops black and white and color film, and makes contact prints and enlargements; selects camera, film, and accessory equipment that will best accomplish the mission; employs professional lighting and .. Army combat photographer snapped one last picture, Nearly four years ago, spec. hilda clayton, a combat photographer in the u.s. army, was documenting a live-fire exercise in afghanistan when without warning a mortar tube accidentally exploded in ..

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Army Photographer Mos - life as a military photographer

army mos 25v combat documentation production specialist. combat camera (comcam) is a low-density, high-demand force enabler composed of highly trained vi professionals prepared to deploy to the most austere operational environments at a moment's notice.

How to become an army military photographer |, As a photographer in the u.s. army, you are still considered a soldier first. that means that in combat situations, you may be expected to join the fight, fire your rifle and still be expected to take photos of the action. you are there, after all, to chronicle the battle and to provide images that advance the army's mission. .. What is it like to be a military photographer? what kind, Yes, while our official title is that of a combat photographer, our job is labeled as non-combat, which is a fancy term that means we have a support role vs. a direct combat role. ironically, my first duty assignment with the military was the 8th infantry division, 3rd battalion, headquarters, headquarters company, mainz, germany, a front-line combat unit.. What badges would a war photographer have worn in the us, There were two types of photographers, those in the military and civilian photographers who were attached to military units in order to take photographs for civilian media back in the us. military photographers for the army/army air corps were part of the us signal corps and wore insignia identifying them as such..

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