Jab Locks

two prattacks, a footstool, and four jab locks total. [0

Cameras 2019 - Jab Locks, Jab locking moves for every smash 4 character - ssb world, Jab locking moves for every smash 4 character papez - september 15, 2017 jab locks are crazy and fun way for you to rack up serious amounts of damage with a string of unescapable moves.. Jab lock tutorial! (smash wii u/3ds), Support my work on patreon https://patreon/mysmashcorner smash veterans probably know about this already, but hope newer players can make use of th.. Jab locks | smash amino, A jab lock is a technique that can be used to extend long combo strings, set up kills, or rack up a little bit of extra damage. jab locks occur only when a character is knocked back into their tumble animation and lands on the ground without teching..

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Jab Locks - optimal jab locks

the jab lock can be done with the following characters and techniques: mario: jab dk: jab metaknight: jab and dtilt marth: jab (but only a certain part of the hitbox) samus: jab kirby: jab ness . just demonstrating a few jab lock set ups meta knight has in smash 4. they work at different percents on different characters.

Jab locks: discussion and mastery | smashboards, Setting up a jab lock is something most sonic mains should not be focusing on most of the match. if the opportunity shows itself, hell, go for it. but don't be trying to set up the jab lock, because at high levels of play, it's almost non-existant to even see a jablock combo. just focus yourself on sonic's other methods.. Why don't we see more jab locks? • r/smashbros - reddit.com, Once you get a jab lock, it's a free charged smash attack or other strong move like megaman's up-tilt. it's a huge advantage if you get it. as an ike main, if you get a jab lock, you can charge your f-smash and kill super early, so it's definitely worth going for.. I tried making a jab lock tier list • r/smashbros - reddit, Then pika should be higher. besides a jab that locks at pretty much any percent, his thunderjolt locks, and he has multiple setups from 0 percent to kill percent, with confirms off grabs if an opponent fails to tech..

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