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Cameras 2019 - Keratoconus Lenses, Keratoconus contact lenses, Scleral contact lenses. scleral contact lenses are large-diameter lenses that provide clear and comfortable vision for keratoconus patients because the lenses do not actually touch the cornea.. Keratoconus and gp contact lenses, Gp contact lenses for keratoconus are custom-fitted to an individual's eyes with assistance from a "color map" that depicts the topography of the cornea. this helps the eye care practitioner to choose the best diagnostic lens to fit.. Keratoconus contact lenses - keratoconus treatments, These lenses were designed specifically for keratoconus, and the central gas permeable zone of the lens vaults over the cone-shaped cornea for increased comfort. hybrid contact lenses provide the crisp optics of a gas permeable contact lens and wearing comfort that rivals that of soft lenses..

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after many years of he glasses not working for her, due to keratoconus, this patient was referred to our office for scleral lenses. with the scleral lenses for keratoconus, she now has great vision! diagnosed with keratoconus this patient had trouble finding a proper treatment option. she has been to several doctors unsuccessfully. after doing more resea.

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