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Cameras 2019 - Lewis Hine Photographer, Lewis hine - photographer - biography, Lewis hines was a photographer known for his documentation of exploited child workers and government projects.. Lewis hine | international photography hall of fame, Lewis hine was born in oshkosh, wisconsin, on september 26, 1874 to douglas hull hine, a veteran of the civil war, and sarah hayes hine, an educator. hine was destined to have a unique outlook on life.. Lewis w. hine | american photographer | britannica.com, Overseer supervising a girl (about 13 years old) operating a bobbin-winding machine in the yazoo city yarn mills, mississippi, photograph by lewis w. hine, 1911; in the library of congress, washington, d.c. library of congress, washington, d.c..

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Lewis Hine Photographer - u.s. child labor, 1908-1920

the impact of lewis hine's photography on working conditions for american child labourers in the progressive era. america and lewis hine is an award-winning documentary narrated by jason robards, jr. and maureen stapleton, which portrays the life and times of america's pioneer social photographer, lewis hine .

Lewis w. hine (american, 1874 - 1940) (getty museum), Lewis hine was trained to be an educator in chicago and new york. a project photographing on ellis island with students from the ethical culture school in new york galvanized his recognition of the value of documentary photography in education..

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