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Cameras 2019 - New Cinema Cameras, 15 film cameras you can still buy brand new | b&h explora, The name of the article is "15 film cameras you can still buy brand new". voigtlander discontinued the bessa 35mm rangefinder line in 2015, so whatever you can buy "new" today is just merely "new old stock" until inventory has been depleted.. Cinema cameras: what filmmakers need to know | b&h explora, Cinema dng, (whether compressed or uncompressed raw depending on the camera that is produced from the blackmagic cinema cameras) is a lot of data. and because of this vast amount of data, there is more information and detail captured for fantastic post manipulation.. News | cinema5d, Arri rental has announced a new line of dna lenses made specifically for their arri alexa lf, the full frame digital cinema camera the company released in february. the camera had been released with a line of arri signature primes, but was also able to utilize the dna lens range, made for the larger format alexa 65..

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New Cinema Cameras - 5 best cinema camera used for hollywood movie

canon’s new cinema eos c700 digital cinema camera is designed to be a flexible “a” camera for any type of shooting scenario. the eos c700 features both internal 4k prores and xf-avc recording. the canon eos c200 digital cinema camera is a production-ready solution that can be used right out of the box, accompanied by an lcd monitor, lcd attachment, camera grip and handle unit.

Digital motion picture cameras in 2016: new horizons, Digital motion picture cameras incorporating ef mounts include models from blackmagic design, red, and panasonic. honey, i shrunk the c100! canon’s 4k xc10 is half the height of the cinema eos cameras and at $2000, a fraction the price.. 7 fantastic new film cameras (& more): analog holdouts, Ever since digital supplanted film as the primary capture medium sometime in the early 2000’s, the number of new analog cameras available on the market has declined precipitously..

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