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Cameras 2019 - Put In Contact Lenses, How to put in your contact lenses | 1-800 contacts, Learn how to put in your contact lenses with the help of emily and our contact lenses for beginners series from 1-800 contacts.. How to put in contacts | opti-free.com, Learning how to put in contacts doesn't have to be hard! check out these tips for inserting contacts at opti-free.. How to apply contact lenses, Just as a precaution i'm going to paste the faq's from the contact lens company i buy my lenses from: soak your funky eyes in solution for at least 2 hours before wearing them. please do not overwear..

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Put In Contact Lenses - how to apply contact lenses

today i showed you how to put on and remove contact lenses for beginners. i will show insert remove contact lens. i showed the easiest way to put in contact lenses. how does this have a million views?! i see the comments about not to wash your case with water, so i don't do that anymore! you should just let it air dry or rinse it with solution.

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