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Cameras 2019 - Raytheon Infrared Camera, Raytheon: 3rd gen forward-looking infrared, Raytheon is the industry leader in flir technology, with decades of innovation in the field. flir was invented in 1963 by a texas instruments engineer, kirby taylor. texas instruments was later acquired by raytheon.. Raytheon palm ir-250 digital infrared camera, The raytheon palm ir 250 d is a state of the art low cost thermal infrared imaging solution. sample images and detailed specifications are available as well as interactive demonstration.. Raytheon l3 palm ir-250 thermal imaging infrared camera, Find great deals for raytheon l3 palm ir-250 thermal imaging infrared camera nightvision. shop with confidence on ebay!.

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rare opportunity to buy this exact 300d thermal-eye bst infrared camera thermal core from raytheon l3 at spi-wholesale. the 300d is a highly desired thermal core because of its bst sensor . vidio shot by raytheon palmir 250d infrared camera and sold by american infrared.

Raytheon thermal-eye 300d used infrared camera kit - spi corp, This very rare raytheon thermal-eye 300d used infrared camera kit features a l3 25mm f/1.0 lens with manual focus & iris and a 320×240 bst thermal core, making it a steal for any diy folks, a classroom environment or if you are just getting into thermal imaging systems.. Raytheon: visible infrared imaging radiometer suite (viirs), The visible infrared imaging radiometer suite (viirs) provides unique data for accurately monitoring global weather patterns and other predictive information critical to industries as diverse as agriculture and transportation, insurance and energy..

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