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Cameras 2019 - Testo Thermal Imaging Camera, Testo - infrared camera and thermal imaging camera reviews, The testo 890 thermal camera is the flagship of the testo range. the german marque has now well established itself as a serious player in the thermal camera market, and with thermal cameras like the testo 890 it’s no surprise why.. Testo 890-1 thermal imaging camera, 640 x 480 fpa, netd 40 mk, Testo 890-1 thermal imaging camera offers. conduct damage-free tests on materials and components with the testo 890-1 thermal imager. thanks to the 640 x 480-pixel detector, the testo 890-1 achieves the highest level of image quality.. Testo 882 thermal imaging camera, 320 x 240 fpa, netd 60 mk, Testo 882 thermal imaging camera, 320 x 240 fpa, netd 60 mk model: 882 order no: 0560 0882 70 for electrical and mechanical applications. features a 320 x 240 60hz infrared detector with a 0.06°c thermal sensitivity and a -20 to 350°c (-4 to 662°f) temperature range..

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Testo Thermal Imaging Camera - video recording testo thermal imaging

investment in a testo thermal imaging camera gives you access to this intelligent, intuitive and highly developed system of thermal analysis. category science & technology the promotional video of the very first testo thermal imager.

Best testo thermal imager – reviewed - thermo gears, The testo thermal imager is the most attractive and impressive outcome which allows the spanning usage over different industries. the testo manufactured thermal imaging camera constitute the ability to extend over several ranges of thermal imager series from testo 869 to testo 890 series which tends to make sure about the budget and quality requirements.. Testo 870-1 thermal imaging camera | detailed presentation, The thermal imaging camera testo 870-1 testo’s model “870-1” emerged from a practical development with craftsmen and technicians. the focus is on a powerful representation of the thermal image, which is sufficient for numerous applications.. Temperature thermal imaging cameras - testo, Testo 868 thermal imager. key features: infrared resolution 160 x 120 pixels with testo superres 320 × 240 pixels automatic recognition of hot-cold spots with testo thermography app. Thermal imaging cameras - testo aus, Testo thermal imagers discover abnormalities and weak points quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for production monitoring and many other applications..

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