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zeiss, carl: 85mm (8.5cm) f1.4 planar mm t* (contax) lens

Cameras 2019 - Zeiss Contax Lenses, Contax carl zeiss | ebay, Find great deals on ebay for contax carl zeiss. shop with confidence.. Contax - wikipedia, Lenses for the dresden-built contax single-lens reflex cameras used the m42x1mm screw mount, but as existing designs intruded too far into the camera body, making the swivelling mirror unable to clear the back of the lenses, a new series of lenses were made by carl zeiss of jena, and later on, hugo meyer of görlitz was also engaged as the second official supplier of original lenses.. Contax iia - zeiss ikon's best classic rangefinder, While the single lens reflex camera would be the dominant camera in sales over the next thirty years, the german brand could never compete with the low-cost, high-reliability slrs of japanese brands. zeiss’ contarex, the professional slr replacement for the contax rangefinder, was a commercial disaster..

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Zeiss Contax Lenses - classic glass - contax zeiss 50mm f/1.7 - part 1

the zeiss contax iia was the follow-up to the contax ii in west germany after wwii. the original contax was made to compete with the leica 35mm cameras. 1:40. a quick test with the zeiss contax primes 18, 25, 28, 35, 50 mm and the 35-70 mm zoom lens. as still photo lenses, they show some visible breathing, but the image quality is quite good.

Zeiss camera lenses | writing stories with light and shadow, Zeiss camera lenses impressive creations of photography and cinematography have been developed through the lenses of zeiss since 1890.. Contax zeiss fans greatest hits? - fm forums, Contax carl zeiss distagon 28/2.8 with c/y mount has incredible iq and a modest price. many other cz lenses are also excellent, but i think the 28/2.8 is the greatest hit (for prime lenses below about $700 us).. Zeiss contax lenses for canon cameras - leitax, This way, even the heaviest contax lenses will be as solid in your canon camera as any canon lens. the screw-to-the-lens solution is much more solid and can be used on almost any zeiss contax lens. our mount is made in one piece and the mechanical precision is not compromised..

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